Thursday, June 11, 2015

Putting my blog into use...

I am currently a 1st grade self contained teacher. I love teaching higher level thinking skills and developing questioning skills within my 1st graders. I enjoy seeing the students think out of the box and see the reason why we do what we do each day. My background is Gifted Education and that is my passion. I enjoy getting to differentiate my reading lessons with Guided Reading and Stations. This year I'm taking that passion to a new level with a Math classroom that is differentiated and has active Math Stations up and running. I hope that through my new blog I can be diligent in recording what is going on in my classroom and hope that other teachers will comment on what they see as successes and ways to improve! I have been a balanced literacy teacher for many years and incorporated Stations and Centers throughout the years. Using the Daily 5 module will be new for me this year.


  1. Your blog looks great! I love the background and colors. I hope you enjoy the course!

  2. Jennifer, I can't wait to see your blog and your math stations evolve in the upcoming school year. I will definitely be sharing this post with Debbie Mantooth, who I know will be even more excited about your math stations.