Friday, June 19, 2015

A Blog Review... "Second Grade Snapshot"

It's week I'm reviewing a blog .... "Second Grade Snapshot" by Lynda Kunkle a local recently retired Fellow Aledo educator!
I found this blog to be the most beneficial & relevant to me. Most of the other choices were upper level, administrative , technological & Special Area blogs which were interesting but not as much that I could pull from at this time! this blog is geared towards lower Elementary teachers.
This blog does not have much evidence of interaction with others. I didn't see a comment section. She does have her Pinterest on the bottom of her blog which leads to additional ideas which is fabulous!!
I really liked that she posted helpful hints for the classroom such as the earbud & clothespin trick as well as pictures of her classroom layout ( I always love to see other classroom designs & layouts.)
I was disappointed at how sporadically she posted ( which I do totally understand!) When I follow a teaching blog I want to see posts at least once a week if not more to keep new ideas alive & provide me with current snippets to pull from! I can't throw stones.. My personal blog went for 15 months with no post until last week!!! Life is busy!!
The blog "Second Grade Snapshots" motivates me to blog about my own classroom & keep up with the move in education to incorporate technology in a variety of ways each & every day! I have set a foal for myself to blog at least once a week next school year with a focus on Daily 5 and Math Stations! I hope to stay accountable to that goal! Please check out Mrs Kunkle's awesome blog!


  1. Jennifer, thanks for sharing your honest evaluation of "Second Grade Snapshots." While her blog is very concise there is still a lot to be gained, as you pointed out.
    I also meant to include this first grade blog on my list:, as I think you'll find some additional inspiration. Go check it out when you have a few minutes.
    Also, I will most definitely help you with achieving your weekly blog post goal this year and would love for you to do the same with me!

  2. Thank you April! I looked at her blog.. Thanks for sharing! Oh What Fun In First Grade is a good blog. I liked that she is a relatively new blog & she was honest in explaining she is still developing the habit of writing regularly! I have a few First Grade blogs that I read weekly & get great ideas from! I will post their links this week!! I look forward to you keeping me on track next year & I'd love to do the same for you!!!