Monday, June 29, 2015

Extra Credit....

Oh my.... As a student my favorite thing was Extra Credit. I was also that student who loved it when the class got into trouble and everyone had to write a sentence from the board over and over. "I will not talk while the teacher is teaching." That was fabulous for me. I got to be creative and practice my handwriting and doodling skills. I was also the student who always asked for Extra Credit. I loved it! I loved school so much anyway.. a little extra was just a bonus for me.
All that to say.. A bonus post! What fun!
It's summertime and teachers all around are on vacation and enjoying time off from school but I feel confident in saying that many teachers are still planning their upcoming school year. I know I love summer and being home and doing "homemaking" things around the house, traveling and spending time with my family but I'm also planning in the back of my mind.. what my classroom will look like, what will my focus be for something new this year to keep it interesting and what my new students will be like.
I would love a total remodel of my classroom this year with new d├ęcor and a new color scheme. It might not happen this year! With my daughter going away to school in August I will be busy helping to decorate a dorm room, get books and supplies and just adjusting to a new way of life. So my classroom redo might need to wait a year.

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