Friday, June 26, 2015

I have to have my daytimer!

To stay organized and on top of life in general I live with my day timer at my side! I love my fold 3 ring size for my everyday life with has my school activities nicely added in Orange ( the color for school! Go Bearcats!) Each part of my life has a color!!
I keep an Erin Condran lesson planner & organizer for school! I love the spiral ring and ability to have all my TEKS, calendar , class roll & lessons at my fingertips!
To stay organized I keep my colored pens with me in my bag & a set on my desk in adorable mason jars!! Love color & organization!
I also have a Pinterest inspired tackle box of supplies behind my desk!!!
Organization is a must for me!

This isn't my personal lesson planner because mine is packed away at school but it is the same design.


  1. I need to try Erin Coldran....have heard so many good looks so overwhelming to me! I love that each part of your life has a color....that is commitment girl!

  2. We really love paper supplies at my house!! Lexi got the daytimer love passed down & she goes so far as to have each school class have a color! Folder, spiral, pen for writing dates in her daytimer for that class!!!