Friday, June 26, 2015

All time favorites....

Questioning Makes the Difference by Nancy Johnson is one of my all time favorite & most used teaching resource book.
My background is in Gifted Education. During my years in education I have attended many  Gifted & Talented classes & conferences. Many years ago I heard Nancy Johnson speak on "Active Questioning" I fell in love with her thoughts & research on the topic. I attended many more of her trainings throughout my career & continued to be amazed and learn new research thoughts each time I heard her speak! My favorite & most used resource of Nancy's is Questioning Makes the Difference & Active Questioning. These two books offer the rationales & strategies for using questioning with your students as a method of instruction. The ideas & activities she shares help to motivate students & provide higher- level thinking opportunities for the students. The strategies focus on in-depth thinking rather than just recalling facts!
This is a resource I have used in the GT classroom as well as everyday in my general Ed self contained classroom for years and now questioning, providing higher level thinking opportunities and  Inquiry based learning is something that comes natural for me and in turn my students.

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