Friday, June 19, 2015

Brain Pop Jr

One of my favorite educational websites is BrainPopJr!
It provides a great focus 3-4 minutes to get a topic rolling or culminate a topic we have completed our study on! The students love the bright colors & unique sounds that they hear over each topic. My students always enjoy the games & review quizzes that follow the lessons! It's a fabulous way to get out Science lesson or Social Studies lesson underway! It even provides some great Math videos that correlate with our Math curriculum!
It's a very short way to provide quality information to my students in a fun & engaging way!! I love to see their ears & eyes all turn towards the SmartBoard when they hear the BrainPopJr sound!
Please take a look at:



  1. Brain pop jr is one of my favorites, too!

  2. I love Brain Pop too! I really appreciate that the district provides this resource to us!

  3. I am too Dawn!! The kids love it!! Our district (or school) I'm not sure where the budget comes from is pretty good about having some educational resources for us! Of course .. I can always find more I'd love to have!
    "Adventure to Fitness" is one of my favorites that I have been asking for! It's great for Brain breaks & indoor recess!!! It's exercise that occurs in a geographical location so the kids might be exercising on a volcano or the rainforest!! The kids love it!!!