Monday, August 22, 2016

Sweet Home 1st Grade

We were asked to create a catchy name for our classroom based from a movie.. I choose "Sweet Home 1st Grade!" I love to create a home away from home for my students and make the classroom a community.
I'm so looking forward to my Firsties to arrive this morning with their new outfits, smiles and fresh crayons!
We have many exciting things going on today! We will create with our Magic Play Dough... Magic play dough oh so white, I wish this wish with all my might. If a color does appear, we're sure to have a GREAT school year! I'm sure my room will be a rainbow of colors!
A few goldfish for the kids to take home... Of all the little fish in the sea I'm glad that you were picked for me! Welcome to 1st grade! Oh so exciting..
And so much more!
Have a great day in your classrooms around the world!

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